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A Huge Difference

We have been working with Michelle for about 2 months and have noticed a huge difference!

We weren’t looking to just lose weight, but to change our lifestyle and become more healthy overall. We have found that since changing our diet (not dieting) to the nutritional program Michelle provided, we both have been feeling better overall. My boyfriend actually been able to completely stop his medication for stomach problems!

We have also found that we have more energy during the day, more motivation and have been getting along better in our daily life. For the weight loss aspect, though results take time to show, we have started noticing our cloths fitting looser and have both lost between 8-10 LBS. We have definitely gained muscle as well, and that feels great!

Michelle has been great and really motivating to us. She encourages us and keeps us working hard!

We’ve really enjoyed our time with Michelle, and will continue to work with her until our goals are met, as well as meet with her periodically to help maintain our goals.

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