Corporate Workshops

Whole Fitness Canada provides educational workshops demonstrating office fitness exercises, mental visualization and de-stressing techniques.

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Office Fitness Exercises

Learn how investing 20 minutes of self-care has a positive effect on how the day unfolds.
How to choose the right form of exercise for your lifestyle and health.
How to find the time and space for your exercise routine.
Demonstrations of different exercises including easy ways to keep fit at the office.
Tips for staying on track with your new routine.

Mental Visualization

Five minutes of clear mental visualization acts as a template for directing your thoughts and actions. This mental exercise keeps you focused and on target, exponentially increasing success with goal achievement. Learn how to minimize the time and effort needed to maximize results.

De-stressing Techniques

Taking a few minutes to practice relaxing breathing techniques reduces stress-related symptoms and helps with time management. Our De-stressing techniques increases blood flow to major muscles, boosts concentration, reduces tension and calms heart rate.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a meeting with one of our corporate representatives.

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