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Dave’s New Beginning

I have been training with Michelle since November 14th a little over a months’ time, The amazing changes are the reason I am writing this now.
On November 9th I went to have a test done at my doctors request. It was a sleep study test. When it was completed during discussions with the technician who had supervised, I learned that the recommendation would be for me to undergo surgery. The recommendation was to have a band put around my stomach. I don’t like doctors never mind surgery.
I lost an uncle a while ago from the same operation. He had lost a lot of weight when he was banded. However, upon regaining the weight he ruptured something and died. I believe he was in his fifties.
Day One
Dave's New BeginningDave's New Beginning

Day Thirty
I called Michelle that afternoon, we got together the next day. Whole Fitness’s program is working, in one month I lost 11 inches off my core. Pants falling down, belt tightening and shirts hanging better while I am writing this. Michelle is an awesome trainer and works out various parts of my body always keeping my workouts fresh.
That’s only one part of the program VISUALIZATION has opened up doors long closed for me. Memories of the glories of football racing through my head I push harder going for that extra rep. Seeing my body the way it will be helps me stay with the nutritional recommendations. The spiritual part of the program and the constant support is a real help. It could be something as small as a text or a substantive conversation it is always positive and reaffirming.
All my questions answered as they are raised. My esteem being rebuilt, my goals being met and surpassed. In case you are wondering I have postponed my doctor appointment. I postponed it for a month. When I do see the doctor I will be in better shape then when I was tested. I also find that I am sleeping better than I was. I WILL NOT BE GOING FOR SURGERY!
Dave's New BeginningDave's New Beginning

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