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Ending Substance Abuse

I have been abusing a controlled substance for the last 4 years now and it’s the main reason why I started looking for a personal trainer.

Throughout my training with Michelle I noticed my body changing for the better and fast.  Michelle started the training with focus on core muscles, back and leg.  I addition to this, she implemented meditation and visualization to help me focus.

Since then I have noticed myself to be much more relaxed and able to FEEL the difference between working out and its results vs. smoking up and its results.

Because of this new feeling I now have more strength and clarity to attack the habit that has rendered me inoperable and lazy.   The more I continue my training the more I realize the level of damage I am doing to myself, both physically and mentally, by smoking weed.  I`ve decided to give up the habit and focus on the training, because if I don`t I will have trained for nothing and my lifestyle stays the same.

When I first hooked up with Michelle, she told me to expect my lifestyle to change.  I now understand and feel this change in my body and mind.  I am eating healthier and juicing veggies and fruits rather than eating or drinking out.

Thank you Michelle for the diligent, educational and physical training you have taught me.  I will continue to update on my status.


David Agaybi

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