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Empowerment and Healing workshop

Whole Fitness Canada has partnered with Sweetgrass Journey to create a comprehensive workshop based on our unique methodology. This healing workshop teaches mental visualization, exercise and spiritual meditations that aid in bringing one a sense of self-awareness and deeper understanding of our essential role in the betterment of humanity. This method of total health and healing establishes self-esteem and a love for life.

The effects of consistency of these practices have been shown to reduce and often eliminate such ailments as depression, addiction, obesity and negative behavior.

This workshop is offered not only to practitioners and educational teams, but recommended for students and young adults in particular.

Empowerment Healing Workshop

“Train the Trainers” Workshop

Whole Fitness Canada’s methodology of blending the principles of healing on mental, physical and spiritual levels is imperative to supporting the solution for many debilitating factors affecting our communities, such as mental illness, depression, eating disorders, suicide, teen pregnancies, substance abuse/addictions, violence and family disintegration.

The Whole Fitness training program is in fact a series of three workshops presented by our dedicated team of educators in order to encompass our three-tiered approach.

Two weeks of the program are dedicated to leading potential candidates through understanding and practicing visualization techniques and prompts, which are put into practice in a group setting, and then followed-up on an individual basis. Candidates also must go through a series of traditional meditations to experience the full effect of healing, in order to instill this in others. This is perhaps the most integral, fulfilling and challenging part of our teaching objective, as we strive to help each trainer candidate develop their own sense of personal awareness and awakening on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

One full week is spent delivering workshops relating to the areas of exercise physiology, basic and advanced training principles, skeletal anatomy and muscular concepts, bioenergetics, nutrition, basic injury management, functional movement principles, program design and development.

All three components of the workshop are taught through the use of manuals, charts, written assignments, lectures, personalized one on one grooming and counseling. We stay on site to help candidates fully comprehend the program to our specifications, and offer help with practical application when necessary. The candidates are then tested and certified on all three levels, and recognized as qualified leaders of the Whole Fitness Canada team.

We treat our candidates as individuals and reinforce their personal strengths in order for each to become the best trainer possible. Once the trainers are established within their respective fitness facilities, we maintain follow up guidance and quality compliance checks to ensure proper implementation and consistency of practice.

Within our First Nation groups, research and studies have shown that encouraging youth and offering them a safe environment from which to practice Traditional Cultural beliefs, is the most important factor as to whether one finds a sense of restoration, self-esteem and identity, or becomes discouraged and disengaged. This is supported by The Parliament of Canada’s 1996 Royal Commission of Aboriginal Peoples findings, under Urban Aboriginal Youth: An Action Plan for Change. (Please refer to part IV, specifically 1.3, 1.5, 1.8 and 1.9.) We incorporate the use of mental visualization, physical exercise and spiritual meditations as our mediums. Our Whole Fitness program integrates the Spiritual living principles with the Native traditional practices, which not only offer healing while utilized, but foster long term inner change and awareness. Being active with this practice personally, and of Métis descent, I am a living example of how this program works to produce positive healthy change.

Whole Fitness Canada’s mission is to provide the most naturally cohesive and comprehensive form of mental, physical and spiritual wellness available. It is our intention to facilitate this opportunity for all First Nation groups across Canada.

Be well, be whole,

Michelle Biggers

CEO Whole Fitness Canada Inc.

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