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Whole Fitness Canada has personal trainers in Mississauga and personal trainers in Oakville. They are people who will dispel old myths about working out and encourage us by enhancing our emotional and mental state, which is an intricate part of the workout. While the Mississauga trainers and the Oakville trainers are there to help us get the most from our workout, we are the ones responsible for getting to the gym.

That being said, it is important to give and receive encouragement through peer support. It’s true that a workout is better if we have a workout buddy. This is someone who will inspire and encourage us through our journey of self-improvement. A “buddy” will urge us off that couch and into the gym. We’ve all been there. We get out of bed with the best intentions of hitting the gym, and then we look outside. It’s raining, or snowing, or the weatherman warns us of sub zero temperatures. We just want to crawl back under the covers and forget about going outside. We reason that it’s just one workout. We’ll worker twice as hard tomorrow. But wait… it’s our turn to buy the post-workout smoothie, and somebody is counting on us for moral support. Even though we’d rather stay home, we find the strength to rise up off the couch, and join the “the land of the living.” As we enjoy playful banter and solid encouragement with our “buddy,” we realize how important we are to this person and how important this person is to us.

Networking and support are important to the workout as a whole. It is the reason that Whole Fitness Canada endorses Rise2Radiate; a program that motivates us through networking and motivational mini-conferences.

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