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My name is Vino and I have been trying to get back in shape for over a year with no success and realized that I needed professional help if I were to achieve my goals. I found Michelle while searching for a trainer in Mississauga. I have been training with Michelle since May 2012 and the results I have seen and continue to see is unbelievable. On July 31st, Michelle started me on new workout plan that would not only help strengthen my body, but also mind and soul.

Although, we have only been on this new plan for two weeks, I have noticed slight changes in the way I think, feel or portray myself to others. Recently, I mentioned to Michelle that I was anxious about my communication skills and she incorporated this into the meditation part of my workout. I have been feeling more focused, relaxed, motivated and strong. I am really excited to see what other changes this new plan will bring and will definitely recommend this program, Michelle and Whole Fitness training to friends and family.

Vino Shan,
Law Clerk at a Corporate Healthcare

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