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A Personal Trainer can help

Do you feel insecure, unsure of yourself or self-conscious about how you look? Are you comparing yourself to other bodies of the same age and feel you are coming up short? Trust me when I tell you, I know how you feel. I suffered from an unhealthy perspective on how I was supposed to look. Fitness and personal training are what helped me to overcome this sense of low self-esteem. Everywhere we turn there are gorgeous, young models sub-consciously making us believe we need to be perfect and measure up to an insane expectation of picture-perfect flawlessness. This is not the real world folks. Beauty comes from being healthy and able to function throughout the day with ease and grace. Beauty means we radiate that essence of life and love from within. Beauty is having the courage to accept our bodies and love them enough to honor and care for them as we are meant to. Proper nutrients, personal training and daily activity are what count and empower us to nurture ourselves. Do not let mass media dictate how you envision yourself. Whether you are carrying a few extra pounds, or have a less than ideal complexion, you are beautiful…..never doubt that. We have the power to become the best by exercising and being good to ourselves. Get a personal trainer and be accountable for changing what you can. A personal trainer will develop a healthy relationship with you and keep you accountable for reaching your goals. You can be happy, healthy and truly feel beautiful when you make the effort to invest in yourself!

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