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I am a 36 year old male, standing 5’9 and weighing 195 lbs. I have not been living a healthy lifestyle the past 10 years and needed a serious trainer that can help me lose the weight, change my diet and feel more confident about myself. Unfortunately, Phil was booked solid and referred me to Michelle Biggers instead, assuring me that I will be in good hands. At first I was disappointed because I didn’t know what to expect from a female trainer. But as it turned out Michelle is an awesome trainer. She is very conscientious, sensitive and extremely knowledgeable.

I’ve only been through 5 sessions with her and I feel fantastic. She taught me how to breath properly, improve my form while working out and focus on my body through meditation and visualization. I have to mention here that a few years back I joined Premiere Gym and had a personal trainer through them, which I paid an arm and a leg for. I learned nothing from him; he was not sensitive to the fact that I have never been a really athletic person and ended up pushing me too hard. The other thing I enjoy about training with Michelle is that it’s one on one in a small gym that is not packed with people who just end up staring at you and making you feel nervous.

Michelle is a very caring person, who takes the time and most importantly WATCHES you intently. Knowing exactly how you are pacing yourself and pushing you or taking it easy on you based on her acute observations.

I mentioned that she taught me how to meditate and breath during my exercises. This has helped me because in the past I never really knew how to meditate or breath properly during a workout. The mental visualization which Michelle uses to start every session helps me focus on myself and imagine myself as a lean and strong person, extinguishing the doubts that are floating in my head about reaching my goals.

It’s only been 5 sessions, and I’m feeling great, but I can’t wait to see what I will look like by the time I’m done my 36th session.

Thank you Michelle for the wonderful training, as well as Phil for the diet and homework.

Yours Truly,

David Agaybi

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