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Muscles I never knew I had

I came in on July 2008 weighing 222lb at a height of 5’8. I began to train twice a week with him, and followed the nutritional program he sketched out for me. After the first hard core session I couldn’t move. I remember going to Wonderland that day, or even 2 days after, and everything hurt. I couldn’t even walk up the little grass hill without feeling all the muscles in my legs. I discovered muscles I never knew I had! It was a good kind of pain though.

Little by little, but not to forget, consistently, the pounds kept coming off. And that was motivation in itself. You know, along with all the compliments. Especially from people like my dentist who obviously see more of a change because they don’t see you as often as everyone else. By spring of 2009 I was at 182lbs and I lost 6 inches off my waist line.

Of course there were and continue to be many obstacles and even road blocks along the way; plateaus were reached, cravings were had, but I kept on trudging through. You’ve gotta leave room for error, otherwise you will never succeed. Having one bad meal does not mean giving the plan up completely and going back to your old ways. ”

Kasia Zielinska,

Web Content Writer & Coordinator

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