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Whole Fitness Canada’s methodology is to incorporate mental, physical and spiritual training and healing together into one system.

Individuals and communities often suffer from the effects of mental illness, depression, eating disorders, suicide, teen pregnancies, substance abuse/addictions, violence and family disintegration, and we believe our approach can be a vital element of support for a solution to many of these personal and communally debilitating factors.

The Whole Fitness Certification training program is a series of three workshops. Two weeks of the program are dedicated to understanding and practicing visualization techniques and prompts. Practice is in a group setting and on an individual basis.

Candidates also practice regular meditation to experience the full effect themselves, in order to instill this in others. This is perhaps the most integral, fulfilling and challenging part of our teaching objective, as we strive to help each candidate to develop their own personal awareness and awakening on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

One week is spent in workshops for exercise physiology, basic and advanced training principles, skeletal anatomy and muscular concepts, bio-energetics, nutrition, basic injury management, functional movement principles, and program design and development.

All three components of the workshop entail the use of manuals, charts, written assignments, lectures, personalized one on one grooming, and counseling. We stay on site to ensure candidates fully comprehend the program, and supply help and guidance with practical application. The candidates are tested and then certified on all three levels, and recognized as qualified leaders of the Whole Fitness Canada team.

We recognize our candidates as individuals and encourage their personal strengths for them to become the best possible trainer they can be. Once the trainers are established within their fitness facilities, we provide follow up guidance and quality compliance checks to ensure proper implementation and consistency of practice.

Whole Fitness Canada’s mission is to provide the most naturally cohesive and comprehensive form of mental, physical and spiritual wellness available.

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