Our Program

physical conditioning


Our program is based on scientific training principles combined with practical skills and knowledge that were obtained through years of experience working with people with various needs and fitness levels. Our approach improves a person’s overall fitness level and transforms physique, while at the same time focusing on individual needs and limitations. We do not adopt a cookie cutter approach!

We provide nutritional counseling and program design to ensure that optimal results are achieved. Our nutritional programs are simple, effective and easy to follow. We also keep you accountable and sure that you follow the program and stay on track by reviewing your food journal.

Mental Conditioning


Speed up your results with Mental Visualization! Whole Fitness Canada incorporates mental imagery and visualization exercises for incredible results in personal development. Studies have shown that when we come to mentally believe in something, it becomes so, or tangible.

“Motivation, expectancy, and a willingness to step beyond our limited concepts about what is possible all play a role in what we are able to achieve.”

“Remember, clear mental rehearsals act as neuromuscular templates or models, precisely directing your thought and feelings. These mental rehearsals help you keep focused in your efforts, maximizing the chances of achieving your goals in the shortest period of time with a minimal output of energy.”

Garfield and Bennett: Peak Performance: Mental Training Techniques of the World’s Greatest Athletes.

spiritual conditioning


We lead our clients through a series of spiritual living meditations which help us to become more aware of our innate nature and establish and foster a relationship with the source of life and being.

These meditations are based on ancient traditional values and give us a new perspective on life, allowing us to receive good and positive experiences as we become more joyful, loving and at peace with ourselves and the world around us.

This practice has been shown to reduce ailments such as, substance abuse, depression, obesity, mental illness, anxiety and negative thought and behavioral patterns.

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