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Michelle Biggers U.E. – CEO, PTS, WFC

Michelle is a certified Personal Training Specialist. She has had an active fitness routine in her life for over thirty years. Michelle began studying ballet at the age of eight, and at the age of seventeen developed a passion for weight-training. Her focus, positive visualization and mental clarity has allowed her to always have drug free child birth experiences, and return to her normal weight within six weeks. Michelle presently works in Mississauga, Ontario as one of the most unique personal trainers in the field.

Michelle believes that through disciplined practice and consistent meditative prayer, one is able to heal spiritually, and manifest physical/mental health, and peace. Michelle has found that this method of maintaining proper balance, perspective and strength, enables one to endure through loss, hardship or difficulties of life. This discipline also allows one to embrace openness, trust, and joyful experiences, as our Creator intends.

Michelle practices a daily routine of visualization, exercise, prayer and meditation. This practice brings about harmony and serenity in Michelle’s life. Having developed this discipline enables Michelle to share this practice with others. Michelle has also created a fully comprehensive certification process under Whole Fitness Canada guidelines for those seeking a higher level of health and wellness practice.



Mike MacKinnon – B.Com., M.Div., CPTN-CPT

Mike has served the Town of Milton as the Senior Pastor of Milton Baptist Church. He is also a certified personal trainer with the Certified Professional Trainer’s Network.

While combining spiritual exercises with physical exercise designed at centering the entire person, he also builds for people an inventory of mental/emotional tools to deal with the stresses of daily living. The result is a more balanced life, a life where the individual can feel connected with self, with others, and with their own personal Higher Power.

Mike believes that we are in a crisis time where rage, violence, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling, sex addiction and overweight/obesity are becoming the norm in our society rather than the exception. His passion is helping people advance spiritually so that they no longer have to act out on these maladaptive behaviours that are keeping them sick.

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