whole fitness  works with you, for  complete  body, mind and soul  fitness!

Physical, Mental, Spiritual

Whole Fitness Canada are Personal Trainers that provide an integrated training system for all three aspects of the person. Our unique approach, focuses on healing and training the mind, body and soul in one cohesive training session.

physical conditioning

We employ the latest scientific training principles paired with our unique training practices and knowledge that is obtained through years of experience from working with numerous people with diverse needs and having helped them achieve their fitness goals. We do not follow or endorse commercialized fitness trends but adhere to a methodology that is consistent and proven to work.

mental conditioning

We employ methods of mental visualization to focus on the body, and relaxation to relieve stress, worry and anxiety. By becoming more aware of our bodies while we are exercising and by visualizing our goals, we improve overall training performance, make progress quicker and reach our fitness goals sooner.The relaxation and meditation component helps us to let go of harmful thought patterns that create stress and stress-related problems in our lives such substance abuse, depression and negative thought and behavior. We replace them with positive affirmations and present moment awareness, which allows us to cope with life’s problems in more productive and adaptive ways.

spiritual conditioning

We go through a series of spiritual living meditations which help us to become more aware of our innate nature and establish and foster a relationship with the source of life and being. These meditations are based on ancient traditional values and give us a new perspective on life, allowing us to receive good and positive experiences as we become more joyful, loving and at peace with ourselves and the world around us.

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