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… Taking the chance to meet with Michelle has been the best thing I could have done for myself. …

I have been working with Michelle for about 2 months now. In that time I have seen tremendous results. I knew losing weight was something I could do on my own, as I’ve done it in the past, but the problem for me was trying to learn how not to let life stresses set me back. Michelle’s whole fitness program is helping me with that.

Within a month’s time I was seeing not only great physical results, but more importantly, mental results. I was happier than I’ve been in years, I was sleeping better and therefore had more energy. The most important thing I noticed was that I was no longer experiencing the heaviness in the pit of my stomach associated with anger and stress. Through the various techniques she showed me, I am now in a positive state of being. When faced with challenging situations these days, I no longer stress like I previously would have.

I am looking forward to continuing on with my journey with not only Michelle, but also other members of her team that I’ve had the pleasure of training with. Michelle ensures she has positive individuals to keep you going when she is not around. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who is seeking to change not only their physical state but their mental state. Taking the chance to meet with Michelle has been the best thing I could have done for myself. I hope those of you who are looking for that change will give yourselves the chance you deserve by taking the time to talk to Michelle.

Thank you,

…I Feel A Lot More Powerful…

I am a fan of Michelle Biggers’ holistic approach to fitness: it’s fitness for your body, mind and soul. Hence the name – Whole Fitness, and she stands by it. I had a great experience exercising not only with Michelle but also other members of her team, and in 2 months I feel a lot more powerful, and I am enjoying that! But what’s unique about Whole Fitness is Michelle’s meditation sessions at the end of the class. It’s that special moment that gives me a feeling of rejuvenation in my entire self – body, mind and soul. And if I am having some down time it sets my thoughts and feelings into a positive direction! I highly recommend you to meet Michelle and try her approach for yourself.

Nadia, 42
nadia before and after

Ather Lost Ten Pounds In Thirteen Sessions

I had a really amazing experience with Michelle at Whole Fitness Canada. I always looked forward to training with her because her suggestions gave me the most effective way in achieving my goals.She is a cheerful and joyful person who’s positive persona helped me a lot in always focusing on my goals and never losing sight of them…even at the hardest of times. The amount of experience and knowledge she has is amazing and it is evident in the exercise and nutrition plans she specified. I managed to lose 10 pounds in 13 sessions which was an amazing result and i wouldn’t have been able to achieve it without the help and guidance of Michelle.

Ather A. Mississauga

Top Notch Training

I would encourage everyone who has made the decision to be leaner and healthier this year to work with Michelle. Her online training and group support program is fab! Michelle also offers great nutritional suggestions and I love her shake ideas!

Top notch training, nutrition tips, coaching advice mixed with one passionate and compassionate fitness trainer, Michelle Biggers!



Feeling Wonderful

It is snowing out, cold and I just don’t want to go outside, but I am blessed with my online personal training because I can do it at home! Yes that’s right, 9:30 am and I am getting my butt kicked into gear with my beautiful trainer, Michelle Biggers.


I’m Loving It!

Michelle’s online workout and encouragement is keeping me active and I’m loving it! Need some encouragement to keep moving anywhere and everywhere for your health, check out Michelle at Whole Fitness.


30lbs and 18 inches Combined!

We have been working with Michelle for about 2 months and have noticed a huge difference! We weren’t looking to just lose weight, but to change our lifestyle and become more healthy overall. We have found that since changing our diet (not dieting) to the nutritional program Michelle provided, we both have been feeling better overall. My boyfriend actually has been able to completely stop his medication for stomach problems!

We have also found that we have more energy during the day, more motivation and have been getting along better in our daily life. For the weight loss aspect, though results take time to show, we have started noticing our clothes fitting looser and have both lost between 8-10lbs. We have definitely gained muscle as well, and that feels great! Michelle has been great and really motivating to us. She encourages us and keeps us working hard! We’ve really enjoyed our time with Michelle, and will continue to work with her until our goals are met, as well as meet with her periodically to help maintain our goals.

An update: Thanks for giving me a reason to go shopping for new clothes Michelle! So happy, we have lost close to 30lbs combined, 18 inches combined and over 5% body fat in three months!

Monika & Doug


I Needed Professional Help

Vino B&A

My name is Vino and I have been trying to get back in shape for over a year with no success and realized that I needed professional help if I were to achieve my goals. I found Michelle while searching for a trainer in Mississauga. I have been training with Michelle since May 2012 and the results I have seen and continue to see is unbelievable. On July 31st, Michelle started me on new workout plan that would not only help strengthen my body, but also mind and soul.

Although, we have only been on this new plan for two weeks, I have noticed slight changes in the way I think, feel or portray myself to others. Recently, I mentioned to Michelle that I was anxious about my communication skills and she incorporated this into the meditation part of my workout. I have been feeling more focused, relaxed, motivated and strong. I am really excited to see what other changes this new plan will bring and will definitely recommend this program, Michelle and Whole Fitness training to friends and family.

Vino Shan
Law Clerk in Corporate Healthcare


Muscle Mass, Weight and Strength

I came to Whole Fitness because I was insecure about my body. I feel like I was too thin and I wanted to build body mass and upper body strength. On my first day, I could barely do a push up or lift a 10lb weight. The training gave me strength, confidence and also amazing physical changes. My body mass has increased dramatically as well. My arms and legs are a lot toner and my upper body strength has increased. I never thought I could ever lift myself up and do leg raises.

I really enjoyed my training with Michelle, I learned a lot about different workouts and equipment. Not only that it changed my body physically, it gave me motivation to keep going and living a healthier lifestyle.

Isabelle Lambinicio


Chris before and after

chris2 chris
I discovered Mike in June 2010 when I was looking for answers and tips on weight loss and fitness. I was watching an instructional video on YouTube when his ad came I up. I called him, and we arranged for a no-obligation trial session.
At that time I had a 40″ waist, was 240 lbs and my body fat was 29%. The trial session was intense, and I walked away with a lot of information about fitness and nutrition. Most importantly, Mike gave me the courage that I needed and pushed myself beyond what my limits were at the time.

I was very impressed by his knowledge and his unique way of training. After that I arranged to see him once a week. I remember the first week I lost just over 5 lbs. By following his advice on training and nutrition, my weight just kept coming off, and my body fat percentage continued to drop very rapidly. After 3 months of following his program, the results were amazing. My weight dropped to 200lbs and my body fat was 18%. It wasn’t an easy task and sometimes I didn’t wanted to keep doing it but Mike was always motivating me and giving the courage to keep going.

After 17 months I’m in the best shape of my life. I came to Mike in 2010 for help in losing the extra weight but never did I expected to have Six-pack abs and even gain 20lbs of lean mass. Mike not only helped me lose weight, but he helped me reshape my whole body. Even more so he showed me how to maintain it and how to keep motivated.

Chris Meneses
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Working Out Has Become Fun!

My name is Jessy, I am 27 years old and prior to committing to a trainer I considered exercise and diet to be a complete chore! I have been working with Michelle Biggers for about two months now and she truly is an excellent trainer. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Michelle’s varied training methods, coined with individualized exercise programs and challenging but achievable goal setting.

Michelle is passionate about fitness and it is demonstrated through her energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She embodies change. Through consistent positive feedback and encouragement, she has retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. In a short time, Michelle has inspired new confidence in me.

She believes in working with the whole person- mentally emotionally and physically, because of her efforts, I am a much stronger person in all areas. Most importantly, working out has become fun- so much fun that I find myself looking forward to our sessions together! When walking in to Whole Fitness Canada, it is typical to be greeted by all trainers and clients which makes for a very welcoming, comfortable environment.
I would recommend Whole Fitness Canada without reservation, in fact, I already have!



A Sense of Peace

I am in love with this fitness program. This program not only transforms your body but also your mind and your soul. This program has helped me focus more on the person that I want to be, my true self.

Visualization gives me a clear picture of who I want to be, where I want to be, how I want to look and feel, inside and out.  The physical training has given me strength and has pushed me out of the limitations I’ve always set for myself. I feel stronger, leaner and healthier. The meditation is the icing on the cake.  I feel a sense of peace, relieved of life’s stress and completely renewed.  The Meditation helps align my mind, body and soul to the point where I feel whole again.

Sarah B


From Double-Lung Transplant to Wedding!

My fiancé and I had the pleasure to work out with Michelle at Whole Fitness in the months leading up to our wedding. Her approach to fitness encompasses all three areas of Mind, Body and Spirit and Keith and I found a sense of calm and peace, while building strength in our bodies. Keith’s goals were different than mine, he was recovering from a double lung transplant and wanted to increase his overall endurance, and I was looking to slim down and tone up. Both were achieved and we are going to be continuing on with Michelle to keep us in the best shape we possibly can!

Thank you so much, Michelle, for everything that you do to motivate and encourage us. You are amazing!

Keith Childerhose and Sarah Taylor
Lakeshore Home Maintenance Ltd.


Dave before and after 30 days

Dave pic smaller

On this day Michelle took pictures of me. I have been training with her since November 14th a little over a months time. The amazing changes are the reason I am writing this now.

Read Dave’s full testimonial here… Dave’s new beginning


Sustaining a Balanced Lifestyle

As a woman in her early 30’s, I like most people out there had come to a point in my life, where stress, work, school and family had all taken their toll on me. I had not just fallen into bad eating and exercise patterns, but found I became dependent on quick fixes of snacks, (mostly empty carbs), to sustain me. 

I once was a very fit person and had lots of energy, but the last couple of years were changing how I lived and I didn’t like who I was in terms of my health, (both physical and mental). I was seeking a solution and Mike MacKinnon was the answer to my problems. He gave me a new perspective on what I needed to sustain a balanced healthy lifestyle.
It wasn’t about some quick fix weight loss program. He never pushed supplements or useless devices on me, he simply sat down and developed a healthy eating plan and workout regime that suited my lifestyle. I was amazed at how fast I got back into a very healthy body, never felt hungry or tired, handled stress much better and how much more energy I had. I’m a real person like yourself who has up and down weeks, but after being “equipped” with the tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle, everything is balanced and life is much more enjoyable.

All it takes is the choice to want to help yourself. Thank you Mike for helping me to achieve even more than I had set out to do!

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Ending substance abuse

I have been abusing a controlled substance for the last 4 years now and it’s the main reason why I started looking for a personal trainer.

Throughout my training with Michelle I noticed my body changing for the better and fast.  Michelle started the training with focus on core muscles, back and leg.  I addition to this, she implemented meditation and visualization to help me focus.

Read David’s full testimonial here… Ending Substance Abuse


Results I am Looking For

As a new mom I contacted Whole Fitness to lose my pregnancy weight and get in shape. I have been working with Michelle since mid-June. Michelle is a wonderful trainer as she is punctual, positive, motivational and extremely knowledgeable. I used to have very little energy and would wake up with hip pain and other body aches.

I now rise early and am energized for my day. In addition, my hip pain and body aches are gone!! My shape has changed and my clothes fit differently. I am eager to work with Michelle as I know her routines challenge me and will help me get the results I am looking for!

Nataly Nippard


Spiritual Awakening

Training with Michelle has given me a new perspective on life, how I live and view my own life and how I share it with the universe. The spiritual conditioning aspect of this program has really helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I felt like a lost soul. I was unable to connect to the people in my life, to my own emotions and to my higher power. I was unable to love because I didn’t love myself. I’ve suffered from depression for many years now and have tried various methods of healing such as psychotherapy, medication and self help books.

Nothing has helped me the way Michelle has helped me. Through meditation with Michelle I have learned how to be present and in the moment, how to call on my higher power for strength. I feel less anxious and more accepting of what the universe has to offer me. I hear Michelle’s voice in my head daily reminding me to breathe deeply and to draw on my higher power for strength. Reminding me that God loves me, that I am beautiful and that I am exactly where I am suppose to be at any given moment. my life has become more peaceful and loving. I only draw on positive energies and experiences and strive to put out that same energy into the universe. My spiritual journey has only just begun but I have a great teacher to help me along the way. I am truly grateful and truly blessed.
Sarah S

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