Whole Fitness Canada has created four distinct workshops that capture a wide variety of groups,

We offer two different types of certification for the First Nation Workshops. One is a three-day student and practitioners program, while the second is a full three-week, “on site” community project. Both result in WFC certification. Each of these offer a superior method of implementing long-term health and wellness.

Our one hour Corporate workshops offer education and tips for how to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that employees are happier and more productive when engaged in a program of physical activity.

The Wedding workshop is two hours long and focuses on how to use mental, physical and spiritual tools to ensure that family and friends remain calm and centered throughout the duration of wedding preparations in order to have a memorable event! We also offer special training created specifically for the bride, groom and mother of the bride.

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First Nations Workshops
Corporate Lunch n Learn
Bridal Parties

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